Protective Clothing

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Need to protect yourself from various harmful substances? Then you'll need to be prepared with our range of protective clothing! We have all the things you'll ever need to get the job done. Get all the latex gloves and protective masks you need right here online from the comfort of your home!

Cover yourself physically and financially by getting your shopping done conveniently and hassle free by buying our vast selection of protective clothing online! Get everything you need delivered literally to your doorstep!

Latex Gloves - If you're handling dangerous and harmful chemicals, latex gloves will allow you to keep a handle on the situation. Made from durable PVC and rubber, our latex gloves protect against detergents, oils, greases, and other similar substances, providing you maximum protection in high-risk working environments.

Protective Masks - Breathe free and easy with our stock of protective masks, especially when dealing with dusty or dangerous chemical environments such as construction projects or cleaning activities. Our dust masks protect against dusts created from surfaces such as drywall, brick, fibreglass, wood, and may even serve you well against allergens.