The Power of the Toggler

The Power of the Toggler

Posted in About Our Products by Fixings Warehouse on February 02nd 2016

In this modern world where building materials have become lighter and build projects are increasingly using more plasterboard and lightweight block walls, the need for a reliable fixing that allows items to be attached to these walls has become very important.

One company has taken on this challenge to produce a range of fixings that cover all wall materials and at Fixings Warehouse we have a wide range of these Toggler Fixings.

The Toggler Fixings originate from an American Company, but their range of fixings has become well used all over the world. The fixings cover a wide range of wall types and offer high levels of performance, some supporting up to 260kg in 15mm Plasterboard.


This is the ideal Fixing for hollow materials such as cavity walls and ceilings. The Snaptoggle can be installed in seconds with only a 13m hole required (for the BM6 and BM8) By distributing the weight along the whole anchor these can take a weight of up to 261KG in 15mm Plasterboard. These are ideal for hanging heavy items such as radiators and TV’s.


The SnapSkru is the best self-drilling drywall anchor available today. With the ability to lock onto a wall or ceiling for an amazingly secure fasten. Unlike other screw in anchors the SnapSkru will not pull out when the item it has fastened is used, the audible pop when the SnapSkru is in place compressing the plasterboard for extra strength, thus giving greater assurance that it will not come out. All this makes the SnapSkru ideal for toilet roll holders, handrails and blinds.


This may appear to be an ordinary plastic plug, but it provides a high level of strength and vibration-proof holding values. It even out performs metal, adhesive, epoxy and chemical anchors of similar size. The Alligator can be installed in minutes and due to its anti-rotation fins it will not spin when fixed. It also has the unique ability to expand up to twice its own length it will actually mould itself to the masonry creating a very effective bond between screw, fixing and the wall.

Hollow Wall Anchor        

The Hollow Wall Anchor provides a secure hold for light or medium loads in hollow walls and ceilings. They even have the ability to expand in solid walls and wooden studs. Other hollow wall anchors often require a larger hole for installation and can damage the rear of the wall. The Hollow Wall Anchor installs through just an 8mm hole and as anti-rotation fins to prevent spin out, it also locks to the wall for a truss-like structure. This offers a secure vibration proof holding in materials up to 19mm thick as a toggle bolt and up to 39mm as an expansion anchor.

With Fixings Warehouse you can be sure that you will get the right fixing for the right job and in the Toggler range you will be getting a high quality product that will do the job first time.





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