Supafix - A Giant Leap In Adhesive Techn

Supafix - A Giant Leap In Adhesive Techn

Posted in About Our Products by Fixings Warehouse on June 08th 2015
SUPA-FIX APX4 is the very latest development in adhesive technology.
Supa-Fix APX4 bonds nearly all types of materials and can also be used to fill cracks and holes with the reinforcing powders provided.
Rarely does a new product tick so many boxes and excite retailers and consumers as much as Supafix has done. The best way to appreciate this amazing product is t watch their video but in summary, here is what Supa-Fix it can do:
Supa-Fix APX4 has 2 in 1 formula; it can be used just like a traditional superglue to bond almost anything. But then, combine it with either of the filling powders provided and it will do all the things that super glue cannot:
  • Fill a hole or a crack leaving a rock hard concrete like finish.
  • Then once filled, Supafix is so strong that you can drill it and screw into it without breaking the bond.
  • Supafix can then be ground, filed or sanded down for a perfect smooth finish. It can then be painted over with any type of paint even water based.
Supa-Fix APX4 from Fixings Warehouse can be used for bonding and filling repairs to a variety of materials including wood, plastics, ceramics, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre, rubber and much more!
It is also incredibly simple to use - 
  • Pour the powder (grey or black) onto the cracked area
  • Apply a few drops of Supa-Fix adhesive onto the powder to fill the cracked area
  • Supa-Fix will set hard in seconds and can then be sanded or filed for a neat, smooth finish
To fill holes or cracks, simply tape over the back of the hole, then fill the crack or hole with the Supa-Fix reinforcing powder; apply the adhesive and in seconds the hole is filled to leave a perfect repair!
It really is that simple!
And as the manufacturers of Supa-Fix APX4 so rightly say, "Where super glue won't, Supa-Fix will."
Supa-Fix is available now from Fixings Warehouse | For A Great Deal More Than FIxings

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